Flooding Can Seriously Damage Your Cabinets

Flooding Can Seriously Damage Your Cabinets

Consider filing a cabinet insurance claim in the New Braunfels, TX area

Disaster always strikes when you least expect it. If your cabinetry is destroyed after a natural disaster, you need to speak with a cabinet restoration expert. Hill Country Cabinet & Furniture Restoration has been working in the industry for more than a decade, helping property owners file and manage their cabinet insurance claims. Our company is based in New Braunfels, TX, working with customers throughout the surrounding area.

Make an appointment with us by calling 210-563-8869 now. We'll go over all the details with you.

Making your cabinets look as good as new

No matter what caused your cabinet damage, you just want them to look beautiful again. At Hill Country Cabinet & Furniture Restoration, we completely understand, and we want to make that happen for you.

When you work with us...

  • You can choose your new cabinets' stain, finish and color.
  • You'll be able to rely on us to manage your cabinet insurance claim.
  • You'll save time knowing that we're handling the whole process for you.

We always separate the cabinet from the existing box to properly rebuild and restore the area. For more information, reach out to our cabinet restoration team today.